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Ashton Bears U16’s

A very physical game this morning for our U16s. Their first game of the season, against a spirited Folly Lane side.

An adrenaline fueled start saw a few early errors from Ashton with penalties being awarded against them. With players fired up, their eagerness got the better of them.

Folly took advantage of this and scored in the first 5 minutes taking the score line to 4-0.

They added to that early lead, going 10 points up.

Ashton didn't manage to touch the ball for the first 11 minutes, but once they did they put on a solid performance.

A fantastic drop off set Jayden Aaron up, 20 yards from the line for our first try, with a conversion from Harry Ireland. Good ball play, solid attack and strong defence set us up for two good tries in the left corner from Matthew Penketh.

Folly answered with their own try just before half time taking the score to 16-14.

In the second half, the Ashton lads put on a class performance.

An early try from Matthew Penketh secured his hat trick for the first game of the season. Converted by Harry Ireland.

A well deserved try from our prop Alfie Shearer. Relentless today in attack and defence, making it a tough game for the opposition.

Two skillful tries from Jasper Cockle, with the second being converted by Harry brought the game to an end.

Final score 16-34.

A good 2 points to start the season with a great all round team performance, every player gave their all.

Well done to to Jayden Melling on his debut game.

Man of the Match: Ben Turner.


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