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Registration & Transfers

As you all know, everyone that is involved at Ashton Bears at a committee level is a volunteer, they do not receive any remuneration for the tasks which they carry out, so are providing their own time willingly. As such, it is also important that each of those volunteers are entitled to take undisturbed personal time, without the need for justification to do so.


To that end, we would now ask that no player or parent directly contacts the secretary or player secretary regarding registrations, even if you know them on a personal level. All requests should go via the TM/Coach and any which go direct will simply be ignored. Please do not then contact further members of the committee to attempt to circumnavigate this procedure as again, the requests will be ignored


The club at no point wishes to make this a difficult process, or to delay it unnecessarily, except to simply request the respect and courtesy of the volunteers, their time and their right to a private life outside of Ashton Bears. In addition, it makes the whole process much more manageable if it is only being dealt with by a singular person, rather than numerous people working on the same process, at the same time. Finally, no one, other than the club representatives should contact NWCs/RFL under any circumstances (as requested by NWCs).




Once the RFL registration has been completed, confirmation should be received within 24 hours. If it has not, the reason will be regarding the current photo and/or the ID. Please simply go back in and resubmit the required part. If unsuccessful please forward to your TM who will pass on to the relevant secretary to complete. Please note that any new registrations after a Wednesday will not receive a playing card ready for game day on Sunday.


Transfers In


Before a transfer in can be undertaken, it is important that the player / parent has spoken with the relevant TM/Coach of the team they are leaving, has returned all kit and all outstanding subs are paid up. Only at this point, when all of the above have been confirmed, should the Ashton Bears’ TM/coach be requesting a transfer by providing the Surname and DoB to the relevant secretary (boy’s and men’s to player secretary, girl’s and women’s to the secretary).


Transfers Out


The TM/Coach for the team that is being left should be informed that the player is leaving, all kit returned, and any subs that are outstanding should be paid up before a transfer is requested by the new club. If a transfer is requested before this point, it will simply be declined and a new submission must be made, delaying the process. Once these requests have been met, contact the TM/Coach, who will request that the transfer is authorised, and at the first available opportunity, the club will authorise it. 


**Please note, if subs have not been previously up to date, and a payment has been made to catch these up, it will take a minimum of 24 hours before this can be confirmed.**

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