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Game Day

Away Team


Ashton Bears, Low Bank Road, Ashton in Makerfield, WN4 9RP. 


  • Parking can be congested on the car park if we have a busy playing schedule. We will always endeavour to put the home team cars onto the road, leaving as much of the car park free as we possibly can, however, it does fill up quickly. In this case please feel free to park on Low Bank Road (adjacent to the club house), if required. Our advice is to bump up the kerb as far as you can to leave as much room for cars to pass on both sides of the road. There are parking restrictions either side of the main entrance, for safety reasons.

  • Please be courteous to our neighbours and avoid parking on the housing estate if possible (park towards the motorway bridge). If parking in the residential area is unavoidable, please do not double park or block in the residents drives. Thanks.


  • Please provide us with numbers for post match food and any dietary requirements ahead of game day (ideally 2 days before). 


  • Our TM's will meet/greet the away teams and show them to their designated changing room and allocated warm up area. 

  • Please check the changing room allocated for any signs of damage and notify the coach/TM so damage is not attributed to your team.

  • ALL spectators from both clubs are asked to stay behind the barriers of both bottom pitches. The opposite side touch lines are for players, coaches and support staff only.

  • Players and staff from the away team are asked to occupy the far side technical areas. We will occupy the ones closest to the clubhouse. 

  • Alcohol purchased from the club can be consumed on the touchline but only behind the barriers on the concrete pathway. Alcohol is banned on the touchline for all junior games. 

  • Smoking is not permitted on the touchline but there is a designated smoking area outside the clubhouse entrance.

  • Whilst dogs are permitted, they are forbidden from entering the grass area at any time.

Post Match:

  • Kit and boots ARE NOT allowed in the clubhouse, please bring alternative clothing to wear.

  • Teams should clean their changing rooms and tables after post-match food. 

  • Please help us to keep the touchline free of litter. There will be bins provided. 

We very much look forward to welcoming you to Bear Park! 

Cheers 👍🏻

Home Team

1st team to open up must:

  • Open the pitch side changing room door.

  • Check that the de-fib, First Aid kit and stretcher are present.

  • Put the bins out, along the spectator paths and on the patio.

  • Cone off the coaches car park (2 x cones provided).

  • Cone the left/right side of the main gate (6x cones provided).

  • Check the changers are clean and tidy and ready for the away teams arrival.

  • Check changing rooms for any damage and note any found.

  • Open containers. Leave the keys and padlock in the blue container.

  • Set pitch(es) up.

  • Coaches to inspect the pitches prior to playing.

  • All teams to clear their own / opposition changers after THEIR game. Check for damage.

  • Teams who want a shower are responsible for turning on the boiler. 

  • TM's to meet/greet the ref/away team and show them to their respective changing rooms. 

  • Coach to take the respective bag of match day balls from the office. Last team to use them should account for them and lock them up in the office. Key with Lynne/John. 

  • TM's to organise team volunteers to assist with post match food/refreshments. 

  • All teams to clear their tables of rubbish in the club house. 

  • Check toilets, floors and bins are all clean and clear.

Last team(s) to finish are to:

  • Check changers for cleanliness / damage.

  • Check the boiler is switched off.

  • Empty the bins into the large blue bin and put bins back into the changing room corridor.

  • Lock containers.

  • Secure the club house (if last to leave) and lock the gate. 

All Teams:

  • Regularly empty the bins into the main blue bin

  • TM's to check that the team sheet is completed correctly and all on-line admin details are completed before 1700 hrs that day. 

*Finally, note that it is club policy that no game day issues are brought to the attention of the coaches directly after the match. Any complaints are to be directed to the TM. The TM will triage the complaint and action accordingly; deal with it direct, report to CWO / Coach Co-ord or address the matter the following day / next training session with the lead coach / parents. 


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