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Ashton Bears U16s hold on to the win

With a late kick off time to accommodate our visitors Wath Brow, all players were up for the game.

Both teams brought intensity and eagerness to the pitch.

A fast paced game right from the off. Ashton had two chances in the opening minutes but couldn't complete.

They didn't let it deter them and in an almost identical play, a further chance was created and completed with Ellis Clarke scoring down the wing in the 17th minute.

Ashton claiming the first points and taking the score line to 4-0.

A little bit of magic and strong play from our lads saw Jayden Aaron break through the line and pass to Matthew Penketh to score the second try, which was converted by Harry Ireland to make that a 10-0 lead.

With constant pressure from Ashton and the lads playing for one another, a great try came from our centre and winger combination.

Matthew Penketh broke away and got the pass out to Ellis Clarke on the wing for his second try, taking us to 14-0.

Fantastic ball handling, passing through no less than four of our players to land with Matthew Penketh who managed to score his second try, putting Ashton in a good position with 18-0 lead.

Wath Brow answered back before half time with a relentless attack.

The lads looked to be holding them out, but Wath scrambled over the line on the 37th minute.

They converted taking the score to 18-6 at half time.


In the second half, the arm wrestle continued for a good 10 minutes before Wath Brow broke through and took the first points of the second half.

They converted and closed the gap, bringing the score to a close 18-12.

From the half way line, Matthew Penketh saw a gap and took the opportunity. His pace and ability was too much for the opposition and Matthew put the ball over the line, closely followed by a Wath Brow player that had chased back.

Matthew Penketh claimed himself a hat trick and Harry Ireland converted taking the score to a more comfortable 24-12.

Wath Brow not ready to give up, left Ashton players flat footed as they charged straight through the middle and over the line .

They converted and the score line stood at 24-18.

Our MOM player, Matthew Sayer displayed a strong run to take us over the line.

Harry Ireland converted and Ashton were 30-18 in the lead.

Ashton lads had been strong and spirited to this point, but as the last quarter approached, the lads began to show fatigue.

Tough pitch conditions left it heavy under foot and it took its toll.

Wath Brow came back with late effort and strong running.

They put on the pressure, scoring two back to back tries.

It wasn't quite enough and Ashton claimed the two points.

Strong denfensive play and attack from the lads today - well done Bears!

Rest and recuperation and back at it after the Easter break.


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