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RLWC2021 Capital Grant Put To Good Use

For those that are familiar with Bear Park, you'll know all too well that familiar feeling when playing on the top pitch of everything dropping off into the bottom corner, and of the wet pitch underfoot that was difficult to get a grip in. Now, work has finally begun on the improvement to the existing pitches, and the creation of a new mini pitch, to increase the capacity for playing.

It starts with the groundwork

Thanks to a £25K grant from the RLWC2021 capital grants programme, this has now allowed us to begin the long process of getting top notch pitches for our teams to play on. Using our designated grounds workers, Danvic Turfcare, work began in September to level the ground, ready for drains to be laid in the new year.

Still more to do

There's still lots of work to do, and whilst we do nit expect the pitches to be ready until at least midway through next season, we are excited about the development that has already happened, and what is still left to take place. We can't wait to see all of our players on it next season, and for many seasons to come. Thanks again to the RFL.

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